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At the rise of the self-service business “SUPERMARKET” in Japan during the 1960s, the Japan Self Service Corporation (presently SELCO) was formed in 1962 as a voluntary chain. It was supported by the Small and Medium Enterprises Agency of the Japanese Government with the objective to modernize the method of developing small and medium food supermarket enterprises. This year SELCO celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

The SELCO organization is comprised of 50 independent retailers, which include small and medium sized regional supermarket enterprises, adding up to a total of 500 supermarket stores throughout Japan. The SELCO concept was established on the basis that working in partnership is beneficiary not only to our affiliated members but also customers, wholesalers and the food industry itself. At the heart of this partnership is commitment to the exchange of ideas, experiences, knowledge and information under the principle of mutual coexistence and co-prosperity.

SELCO is developing and creating valuable function and outstanding service to support each affiliated member when they are faced with stark reality, various problems with company management and operation of the store.

The official principle of SELCO is as follows:
  • SELCO shall contribute their effort to the prosperity of the local community with growth of each affiliated members’ company.
  • SELCO shall promote the modernization of each affiliated members’ company.
  • SELCO shall meet the needs of the society including vicinal consumers through outstanding service provided by each affiliated members’ company.

We are the SELCO group.
We are a Winning Voluntary Chain.