SELCO Live Net Affiliated Companies

SELCO Live Net

We all know the importance of information. However, it is often difficult to find reliable information.

SELCO provides each affiliated member with a very unique and sensational service where members get real-time visual feed back of all members' sales floors on a live video source. The system “SELCO Live Net” is in operation as a new group communication tool open to 40 sales floors of 8 stores. The system is utilized to improve each other's sales floor and store.

SELCO Live Net has a significant advantage to our affiliated group members. Viewers can obtain timely information and news of other stores located in various places in real time without actually visiting the stores. Such information and news is absolutely vital not only for the products but also for variant matters related to operating the store. Furthermore, SELCO Live Net inspires the users to make renewed efforts to improve their own store.

In the near future, information related to products from any producer and manufacturer will be added to the system to enable improvement of merchandising, operation and sales which will be beneficiary and applicable to all affiliated members' stores.

SELCO Live Net is now in operation!