SELCO Live Net Affiliated Companies

Training and Development

Cultivating Human Resources

One for All, All for One.
All employees are important assets to the company.

SELCO offers comprehensive human resource development programs for several levels of executives and employees to improve individual abilities and help support business expansion of each affiliated members’ company.

Not only is each program made for store managers but also made for all staff members and uniquely conducted with emphasis on practical knowledge and experience as follows:
  • Store Management Seminar
  • Produce Department Seminar
  • Fish Department Seminar
  • Meat Department Seminar
  • Delicatessen Department Seminar
  • Checkers Department Seminar

In addition to the seminars mentioned above, alternative study sessions dealing with risk management and compliance are held regularly and supported by SELCO headquarters. We believe this support will provide higher efficiency and profit for each affiliated members' company.

Business Consulting/Management Guidance

Here is our simple yet powerful philosophy that retailers can utilize advantageous collaborative working methods rather than working independently.

SELCO holds a National Top Management Convention twice a year and a Regional Top Management Meeting regularly to exchange fresh information and news to understand various needs of each affiliated members. In the case where a problem is mentioned concerning business management and operation, SELCO headquarters along with others affiliated members provide applicable, instructive and timely guidance based on modern time situations.

Additionally, SELCO holds a domestic and overseas Top Management Tour every year to learn facts and realities of the world. SELCO has always incorporated innovative business strategies and continue to improve while analyzing fresh information from all angles.